Be a lifeline to the most vulnerable in Syria
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Dear Friends,

Sometimes a story comes along and makes you sit up amid everything that's going on in the world. But when I heard what happened to 18-month-old Lela, it really shook me.

Born to Syrian parents in a refugee camp where Malteser International is providing lifesaving medical aid with a local partner organization, Lela knows of no home other than her family’s tent inside the camp. A few weeks ago, a fire broke out in their shelter and destroyed what little possession they had left. Like many other Syrians, the family will be weary to see their country reach yet another grim milestone this month: Eight years of war. The conflict has resulted in a humanitarian disaster of immense proportions and there is no clear end in sight.

Today is Ash Wednesday, marking the beginning of Lent. As we start our journey to the cross where we witness Christ's love for humankind, I invite you to journey with us by taking part in our #MakeLentCount campaign and being a lifeline to the vulnerable people inside Syria.

For children like Lela, your gift this Lent could mean the difference between continued suffering and despair, or life and hope.

So, please give what you can!

With my heartfelt thanks,

Ingo Radtke,
Secretary General
#MakeLentCount - How to participate
  Lent is a season of personal spiritual renewal, a time when we are called to be mindful of the poor, sick, and suffering among us, and to reach out to them. This Lent, your generosity can help give vital support to the vulnerable peopple we work with in war-torn Syria.

What you can do:

- Pick something to give up for Lent! Sweets? Chocolates? Beer? Meat? Cinema etc.?
- Put aside the money you would have spent.
- Make a donation to Malteser International with reference "Make Lent Count for Syria".
Your gift of €30 can help a person in critical condition receive blood transfusion
Your gift of €50 can help a pregnant woman get lifesaving caesarean section
€120 can provide urgent household items for a family who has lost everything
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