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Dear Friends,

October presented significant challenges for aid workers around the world. After September's Typhoon Mangkhut in the Philippines, renewed violence in Syria and the recent earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia have all demanded swift action to save lives and prevent further suffering. We are also concerned about the humanitarian situation in La Guajira, Colombia, where incessant flooding has added to the plight of refugees and local residents.

Thanks to your support, we and our partners were, and are, on hand to bring help to the sick and injured in these places. Furthermore, the importance of our emergency simulation exercises cannot be overstated, as they prepare our response teams for these difficult and often high-risk interventions.

Though the scale of these problems may sometimes seem overwhelming, your generous support makes our mission of bringing hope to the world's most vulnerable possible. Please keep on giving us that support!

Yours truly,

Ingo Radtke

Ingo Radtke
Secretary General

October 2018

In this month's issue:

Aid for refugees in La Guajira

Indonesia: Malteser International assists reconstruction efforts

Nigeria: Malteser International responds to cholera outbreak

Philippines: Relief after Typhoon Mangkhut

Emergency response simulation exercise

Colombia: Aid for refugees in La Guajira
Heavy rains in La Guajira, Colombia have resulted in flooding that has affected thousands of people, including refugees from neighboring Venezuela. The region's proximity to the border has made it home to many Venezuelan refugees who have fled their country's economic crisis. Malteser International provided medical assistance to refugees and local residents affected by the flooding. Over 500 patients have already been treated, but there is more to be done! See how we are helping refugees in Colombia.   Malteser Colombia
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Indonesia: Malteser International assists reconstruction efforts after earthquake and tsunami
Malteser International Indonesia   More than 2,000 people were left dead after a 7.5-magnitude earthquake struck the Indonesian island of Sulawesi in September, triggering a tsunami that caused extensive damage. People affected by the disaster will need help for years as they rebuild their lives, homes, and communities. Malteser International is supporting its Indonesian partner, YAKKUM with the repair and rehabilitation of damaged health centers on the island. Find out more!
Nigeria: Malteser International responds to cholera outbreak
In September, an outbreak of cholera in northeastern Nigeria infected almost 3,000 people and killed around 100. Malteser International teams responded to the outbreak, and distributed hygiene articles to nearly 30,000 people in Borno state, northeastern Nigeria. The teams have also provided special disinfectants to prevent further spread of germs. Read more on our response.   Malteser Nigeria Maiduguri Cholera
The Philippines: Relief for families affected by Typhoon Mangkhut
Malteser International Typhoon Mangkhut   Typhoon Mangkhut hit the Philippines on September 15, killing nearly 70 people and affecting many others. The strong winds and heavy rains devastated homes, damaged roads, and destroyed farmlands and essential food crops in already vulnerable communities. Our teams were on ground to provide relief to families who were affected. Read more.
Emergency relief: Disaster response simulation
  Regular emergency simulation help us evaluate and test our response plans. In September, our emergency response team took part in one of such exercises. These exercises prepare us for real-life interventions, but also help us understand mandates, systems and procedures relating to humanitarian response, thus making our aid missions more effective.
See the video below for a glimpse into the simulation exercise.
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Photo credit: ABIUDEA, Muhammad Aditya Setyawan, YAKKUM, Malteser International
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