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Dear Friends,

A natural disaster strikes and all of a sudden people who only a while ago were enjoying their normal lives are left with nothing but a feeling of despair. Nearly 1,000 people are feared dead across Mozambique, Malawi, and Zimbabwe as Cyclone Idai made landfall on March 14 and about 2.6 million people are affected.

Malteser International's relief teams are now in Mozambique and are responding to the emergency. However, our biggest concern is to ensure that those who have survived are not faced with the disaster of diseases like cholera. We must act quickly!
March 2019

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Emergency Response:
Cyclone Idai

Make Lent Count

Empowering Syrian
refugee women

Sustainable fish farming
in Myanmar

Year in Review 2018
  Please give whatever you can!  
As our journey of Lent continues, I invite you to remember the world's most vulnerable people whom we are pledged to serve. Hold them in your heart and help us respond to their needs in their time of suffering.

Yours truly,
Ingo Radtke
Ingo Radtke
Secretary General, Malteser International
  Malteser International responds to Cyclone Idai disaster

Cyclone Idai has caused widespread destruction and loss of life across Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe, affecting millions. Malteser International is concerned about the potential spread of waterborne diseases due to the flooding.

See how we are responding.
  Syria: Reckoning with 8 years of war

March 15 marked eight years since the Syrian war began. About 12 million people have been displaced as a result of the conflict and Malteser International is still helping. We were at the Brussels Conference on Supporting the Future of Syria and had a clear message.

Read our press release to learn more!
  Empowering Syrian refugee women in Turkey

During times of conflict and displacement, women and girls are disproportionately exposed to human rights abuses and violations. We are working to support Syrian women in Turkey who have been forced to flee their homes as a result of war and conflict.

Read more!
  Enhancing sustainable fish farming in Myanmar

Fish farming is an important livelihood in Myanmar. The country is blessed with an abundance of water bodies that provide habitats for a rich diversity of marine species.

See how Malteser International is helping improve livelihoods and food security in the country.
  Year in Review 2018

As we meet the challenges in front of us, we are proud to present our 2018 Year in Review, which offers a glimpse into our work in the past year as well as the impact of your generous support. Our achievements would not have been possible without you. Thank you!

The publication is available for download here.  

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